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"Food is woven into the very fabric of my being. From my earliest days, I found myself captivated by the culinary arts, stepping into the kitchen alongside my father as we embarked on culinary adventures that spanned hours and unfolded with precision, as we meticulously crafted slow-cooked meals infused with an array of proteins and spices. These cherished memories, evoked by textures, flavors, and captivating aromas, shaped my culinary path.


Driven by a profound curiosity, I embarked on worldly adventures, using food as my guide to unravel diverse cultures. Even when hindered by language barriers, food emerged as a universal language, bridging gaps and forging connections.

It was in the enchanting streets of Paris, beckoned by the echoes of my childhood, that I found myself captivated once again. Paris unfolded before me, a realm of buttery salted baguettes and succulent beef madrilènes. Here, my culinary palette flourished, and my talents reached new heights. Determined to learn from the masters, I sought the tutelage of culinary luminaries like Pierre Hermé, Dominique Ansel, and Gregory Marchand.


Today, I stand as a culinary storyteller, weaving together my multifaceted experiences, cherished memories, and the wisdom imparted by my esteemed mentors. With each bite, I strive to recreate the magic I felt as a child, evoking emotions and awakening the senses of all those who partake in my culinary creations. Guided by my roots and enriched by my global odyssey, I am dedicated to crafting exceptional dining experiences that transcend borders, break barriers, and celebrate the profound connection between food and the human spirit.”


Cordon Bleu Paris 

Grand Diplome French Cuisine and Patisserie 


Fluent in English, Spanish, Italian, and French


Kosher Cuisine




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