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Sancocho "Colombian soup with oxtail, yucca, plantains & love"

San what? For those of you who don't know. It's time to get on board. Sancocho, is a traditional broth which becomes a hearty soup, and is made several ways throughout Latin America. It's gelatinous, packed with nutrition, my favorite cure to a hangover and wins my heart every time. There is a variety of recipes depending on the region or traditions to make this soup. It's made with several different proteins, spices, herbs, and root vegetables. If I had to think back to my first love affair with Sancocho, it started at a Colombian Christmas Eve and the rest was history. This dear recipe I mastered with Esperanza who is from Cali, Colombia. There is so much love in this dish, I can't wait for you to try! The secret is patience.

Servings: 6 Time: 6 hours


4 pounds oxtail meat

2 white onions

2 stalk celery

3 plantains

2 pound yucca

bundle cilantro

bundle scallions

4 fresh corn on cob

bouillon cube or osem consommé powder


salt & pepper

4 quartz water

canola or vegetable oil

bay leaf

Pico de Gallo:

1 purple onion

1 tomato

1 garlic clove

cilantro left over from soup


1. Chop white onions, and celery and place aside.

2. Rinse under cold water meat to remove any blood that can make sauce bitter for 60 secs. Pat fully dry with paper towels, and season with salt & pepper.

3. On high heat add a small splash of canola oil, (do not use olive oil as it's not meant for high heat will turn toxic) allow time for pan to heat, and sear the meat till golden about 3 minutes on each side creating brownings in pan. If pan becomes very greasy remove meat, and pat dry with paper towel. Sauté onions, and celery in brownings for two minutes. Add meat back to pot and deglaze with water. Scrape with wooden spoon all the brownings.

4. Add 4 quartz of water, some cilantro stems, bay leaf, 2 table spoons of consommé or 1 cube of bouillon.

5. Bring water to boil, and skim all the impurities of fat that comes to surface with spoon. Transfer unwanted impurities to small bowl and discard.

6. Ox tail takes hours to break down the meat. After the first hour of boiling, lower heat to medium and start to prep veggies. If done too far in advance it can make everything mushy.

7. Peel yucca and cut into small strips.

8. Peel plantains and cut per your size preference. I generally cut 3 inch pieces.

9. Cut corn into 3 inches as

10. Add yucca, plantains and corn to broth on medium heat.

11. Let stock reduce down and cook low and slowly till meat is tender enough to fall off the bone.

For Serving:

Slice avocado

Garnish Cilantro & Pico de Gallo

Option to add rice on bottom

Pico de Gallo:

Dice 1/2 purple onion, garlic, cilantro, tomato.

Add olive oil, salt and pepper

Buen Provecho!!!

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